Jason McNiece


Jace is quite and withdrawn for a 12 year old, preferring instead of the company of the other children, his comic books and fantasy novel’s. This was not always so.. up until 3 years ago jace was the “popular kid” invited to every ones parties, if something was happening jace was at the heart of it, these somethings more than usual got him and the other kids in to trouble but they had fun so what the harm. The cause of this change what his mother re-marrying and jace gaining a new step father and older step brother.. Things rapidly went from good to bad and then to worse even faster. jace’s step brother didn’t like having a “little brother” and immediately started bullying jace breaking his toy’s calling him name’s, jace quite quickly became miserable, not being able to tell his mother what is happening due to the threats of his step brother “if you dob me in ill cut your fucking balls of you little turd”. Jace’s mother saw that jace was not himself so in an attempt to cheer him up started spending more time with him like they used to be for his step father came on the scene. This led to jace gaining the resentment of his step father, who being a major attention whore grew quickly jealous of the attention jace was receiving over himself. One evening jace’s stepfather returned home from the pub drunk (this seemed to be a regular occurrence) he tripped over one of jace’s toys and riped his trouser’s, he then promptly went up to jace’s room and gave him the first of what would become regular, beatings. jace’s mother unable to come to terms with what was happening soon ended up hiding at the bottom of a bottle of gin. jace eventually crawled into his own shell, one thing manage to stop jace completely shut the world out. one day when jace was hiding from his step brother and drunken stepfather in there attic jace stumbled on to some diary’s that his real father had written before he had died, as it turned out these diary’s where a series of letters writen to jace himself with all the things his father would have wished to have told and taught jace (like honor dutie an his fathers idears on what a man should be) and all his feelings for jace. just in case he died in service (just like he did). the diary’s where keped with all his fathers other items that his mother kept (and probably now forgotten) including a vast number of fantasy novels (wich jace is slowly reading through). Now when jace cant take his home life any more he hides in his secret place in the attic. the last thing about jace that has been brewing for the past year is his anger, jace seems to be slowly loosing control.. this often leads to violent out bursts at school when the kids make fun of him (and often leads to him being beaten more at home). jace is scared of these out bursts of his as he dreams of becoming the fine honorable man his father dreamed he would become but he just cant seem to control it…....

Ten years later!

A container ship pulls in to Poole harbour in the dead of night! In the moonlight a lone figure can be seen looking towards land.

“Ten years… Its been long time since I was last hear! Ten years since the events that would set in motion the journey that would change me forever! Though as I get closer thoughts of my friends that I left behind grow ever stronger, how has the last ten years changed them, part of me wished that I had stayed that I had grown up with them, I wonder how different things would have turned out! They where after all the friends that saved me from my bastard of a step-father and his hateful son, the friends who’s friendship stoped me from taking my own life like I had contemplated!

But my last adventure with them showed me that I couldn’t stay, the anger and rage inside me where getting to strong and the fight that lead me to killing that female werewolf awoke me to the cold and darkness that is in this world, I didn’t realise until that last moment with them in wareham that they had grown afraid of me! All I wanted to do is protect them, repay them for the kindness that they showed me! How could I protect them if they where afraid of me!

So in that moment I decided to leave, well run away I guess, like the stupid boy I was! I had to gain control of my rage and anger, so I had the childish notion that I would go to Tibet seek out the Buddhist monks that we learned about in RE. Little did I think of the difficulties of getting there! It was a long, hard journey, in which I ended up doing many things, most I am ashamed of, this only fueled the anger inside me! 3 years it took me but I finally reached Tibet!

The journey to the monastery was hardest to come, unable to speak Nepalese I was unable to communicate with any one, eventually I found a discarded tourist guide with a brief map as to where the nearest Buddhist monastery was, so as I had no money to get transportation there I started to walk, I learned quickly how cold Tibetan winters are in the mountains, even with the thermals I managed to steal from a French tourist, my body was begining to freeze, I guess I eventually must of passed out.

I awoke 3 days later in a small hut like house to the smell of cooking soup, it was the hut of an American naturalist, he found me while he was following a pack of Tibetan wolves that have settled in the area. He said he wouldn’t of found me if it wasn’t for the fact the it was the wolves themselves that where huddled around me. Turns out I would have died if it wasn’t for them keeping me warm! I explained to him all that had happened to me and where he was headed, he looked shocked and said “ well there son, I really should take you to the British embassy and get you home, but if I was as determined as you when I was younger I could have changed the world… ill tell you what ill take you to the monastery tomorrow” so with that we ate soup and he told me about all about the wolves that saved me.

The next four years years passed rather quickly the monks excepted me in to there tutorship I learned much they had to teach quickly, but they quickly grew worried about much of the anger and rage about my past that I just could not shake. So in there wisdom they put me under the direct tutorship of Narayan an ex Gurkha who joined the monastery was wounded in the Falklands, they thought his guidance and teaching me control through his unique fusion of the Gurkha’s martial training and Buddhist Mahayana physical meditation would help and it did for a time. My new master taught me much and not just Buddhist practise, he taught me about life and what it means, honour, duty. In a way he reminded me of my father, what little I could remember of him and from the diary’s he left me. Over thoughts years I grew from a child in to a giant of a man 6’9 and the stature of a bear which always made my master laugh as next to me he always said he looked like a little garden gnome!

But after toughs four years of peace things started to change, I started to feel restless so Master Narayan decided it best that we take a little day trip the the nearest village let me experience something outside the monastery.

To our shock we discovered that the village and the other surrounding villages had been taken over by an exiled Chinese general and he had brought his private army with him. And as you can imagine the villagers where not being treated well.

Master Narayan could not stand for this, we headed back to the monastery to try and raise help, he met with the monastery elders, and for the first time ever I heard my master shout. He came out of the meeting and told me that he was leaving, the elders had forbade him from interfering as it is not the way of the monastery and if he did then he would be exiled. He told me that he could not sit by and see all he fought against in his youth now sitting on his doorstep and that he would be going in to exile to help the villages. Though he started to tell me that I should stay I quickly stoped him, and told him “I am your pupil master, no matter what the path we walk” and with that we gathered the little things we had that where ours and headed to the village.

It took us two years to raise a strong enough resistance to finally directly oppose the Chinese general Qung Shi lin, and in that time I learned the harsh lesson’s of war and what it really means to be a warrior. Master Narayan taught me the arts of war and we fought well.. that was until that fate full day General Qung had finally learned of which village master narayan and I where based in and sent he entire forces to capture us, they captured a group of children and told us that if we dident give our selves up that they would execute the children. Narayan had no choice but to give himself in but told me to stay hiding to carry on the fight! It was as I watched Qung slowly tourture and disembowel Master Narayan in the full moon light that the change happened, I cant remember much of what happened but the villagers talked of how the great Kang Admi (Yeti) came from no where and slaughtered Qung and his men.

The village and I buried Master Narayan a hero and during the celebration’s I quietly walked in to the night…

Though I was exiled from the monastery and Master Narayan was dead I now finally felt at one with my self as though the final piece of the puzzle was in place. I realised I was ready to return home and soon a longing for my old friends grew and thoughts of bear, the first ever person I could call a mentor and how he would know what to do now that I am a werewolf.

So hear I am nearly home and I find myself nearly giddy with the thought of seeing every one again, heh I wonder what bear will make of me now”

Jason McNiece

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