Mannfred Joshua Jenson


12 years old.


Born of a workaholic father and perfectionist mother, Manny had lived through a strict and loveless upbringing. As a results Manny has often struck out in frustration. Thus friends have been hard to make for he rarely opens up to anyone as a result of this. All that his life revolves around his public appearances and showing what a 'model' family the Jensons are… much to his discontent. As long as he is presentable, that is that matters as far as his mother is concerned. 

Eleanor (being the spoilt brat that she is) often ends up being on the receiving end of his frustration, which of course resulted in many a suspension. Although he is a smart kid, he uses his mind for practical jokes and general mischief. Its not that he cannot aspire to better things, he simply doesn't want to fulfill his mother's expectations out of contrariness and deep resentment. He wont admit it, but Eleanor's water-tight deceit does impress him. 

He longs for the day when he can just be rid of his mother's overbearing shadow. His father, on the other hand he couldn't care less about whether he lives or dies as he is never around. Like all his age, Manny doesn't know what he wants from life, just as long as its better than what he has now…. and maybe, just maybe some form of acceptance.

Mannfred Joshua Jenson

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