Eleanor Phelps


Eleanor was born on the 28th February to parent's Susan and Clive. Due to complications at birth Susan can no long have any other children, and as such Eleanor is an only child. They are an upper-middle class family, who live in a large house along Lulwoth Close, Hamworthy. Clive has a middle management job at local firm SunSeeker, and Susan works as a part-time librarian/ teachers' assistant at Hamworthy First School.

Eleanor is 11 years old. After being spoilt rotten by her wealthy parents, she is now use to getting whatever she wants, when she wants it. She is very popular at school, with a following of other little girls who hang on her every word. But she can be very cruel and picks on those less fortunate than herself. However she is only haughty and mean with other kids – around adults she’s the picture of childish innocence and knows exactly how to manipulate people. Her favourite things include kittens, Make-up and the colour pink, and her favourite things to do are listen to the latest pop-bands, read magazines and talk to her friends on the phone.

Ten Years Later…

After the events that lead to the death of her family, and that of Bear, Eleanor was placed in the care of some distantly related Aunt who lived in North Wales, in a small village at the edge Snowdonia county. Angry at the others, and seeking what she considered normality Eleanor eschew any contact that came from them, trying to put the past firmly in it’s place and forget all about werewolves, and ghosts and magic. She attended a small high school, and while at first she was rather introverted, Eleanor soon got back into the swing of being Little Miss Popular again. The Aunt made her living as an artist and tried to encourage Ele to keep up her violin practice, but was mostly too consumed by her own work to keep an eye on the girl, simply giving her the weekly allowance and the freedom to do as she would. This lead Eleanor – an otherwise bright student – to spend most of her time skipping school, hanging out with those she considered her friends, being promiscuous, smoking, drinking, listening to predictively loud music and occasionally doing soft drugs like Cannabis and Ketamine. Despite all this she managed to pass GCSEs and A-Levels to study Social Studies for a year at Bangor University.

At the end of her degree Ele opted to spend two years in the US at Washington University, to take a major in Sociology. As a joke, she attempted to join one of the sororities and to her surprise got accepted into Alpha Phi. Expecting that they would be doing much the same as she had been back in Wales, Ele was very surprised to find that they forbade the use of recreational drug use, including cigarettes, and would only permit alcohol with meals or mild party uses. Eleanor, use to a more wild way of life, considered leaving the sorority but her new friends convinced her to stay and get help. By the middle of her second year there, Ele had become almost a new person. With the help of her new friends – and she now understood that what she had in high school was not true friendship – Eleanor was a more settled person, dedicated to her studies and finding true interest in what had seemed like an easy option back in high school. Many of her professors said she seemed to have a knack and natural empathy for the subject and urged her to consider a job in social welfare. There was even a tentative romantic involvement with one of the boys in her class.

However just as everything seemed to be finally coming together for her, she Changed. Eleanor and a few friends from Alpha Phi were taking an evening stroll around the campus, a gibbous moon lighting their path, when it happened. Suddenly Eleanor became acutely aware of the scent of blood. As she looked around to find the source, Ele found that the world seemed to have changed. Tones were muted, and yet everything seemed to have a sharper edge to it. And while she stared in wonder at that fact, it dawned on her she was no longer at the university. There was leaf mould under her paws, and deciduous trees above her. She yelped in fear and whined at noises coming from her throat. She turned furiously to see a wolf laid on the ground close by, his throat ripped open. Bear. The sudden pain made her unable to breath, felt like all her muscles were trying to burst from her skin. Above the body hung occult looking talismans. Leaves began to fall from the trees above, leaving them naked, and the leaves formed a man who laughed at her. Wildly, angry, she lunged at him but passed right through, only to end up sprawled next Bear’s body while the man laughed long and hard at her. Eleanor the woman screamed, Ele the wolf howled, both sounds fuelled with hate and anger, sorrow and frustration.

When she came to, Eleanor found herself wrapped in a sheet in what seemed to be an old abandoned cabin. In one corner, laid enjoying the morning sun, Ele saw another werewolf. When it saw she was awake, the other wolf stood and gave a little yip. From out of another room came a man in his 30s. He gave Eleanor breakfast and clean clothes and told her that he was there to help her get back on her feet and then out of the area. Apparently she had travelled many miles away from the city, and through a couple of territories that weren’t as friendly as his. He had been the one to find her deep in the forest at the top of a precipice calling to Luna and brought her here. She should, he suggested playfully, lay off the clichés. When she got back to the sorority house Eleanor was shocked to discover police all around. They told her no one had been killed, but it seemed a large rabid dog had gotten in and attacked everyone. They assured her that everything was being done to find the dog and put it down.

With that little revelation, Eleanor decided that it might be a good time to return to the UK…

Eleanor Phelps

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