Broadstone is a small village about 3 miles from the main center of poole. It extends for about a half-mile from the main high street, meshing in with corfe mullen to the north, creekmoor to the east and canford heath to the south and west.  the area is mostly wooded heathland with the Recreation park being a prime example.

Prominant location include the Stone's pub at the start of the high street, coming up lower blanford rd from waterloo/ hillborne area, the methodist church right in the center of the high st and the leasure center at the other end of the high st and the beggining of higher blanford rd, going towards corfe mullen.

Running parallel to Lower Blanford Rd is Gravel hill rd, that runs from Darby's corner all the way to merly. There is a police station along this roads, as well as Poole Grammer school for boys and entraces to Delph woods [on the broadstone side] and Canford Heath. Also through broadstone runs the old roman road from hamworthy to wimborne.

Broadstone is a quant little wooded village, where it is very possible to vanish into another world simple from a few steps from the main st.


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