Into The Darkness Where The Primordial Was Broken

Manny's diary 08

Well today was a real mess-up. Where to begin…

It all started with visiting the Raven that Sees All. Whom I might add was actually in a better mood than I've seen him in a while. I guess we've been doing better recently. The spirit had instructed us to seek out and 'deal' with the Balehounds. They were heading towards our territory. Ellie, Will and Jason were going to head them off. Grizzy and I were left to stay by the loci.

It all seemed quiet when I heard something in the distance. First a couple of howls, then… a blood curdling howl. As if that wasn't enough. Then I heard the howling of wolves… and the roar of motorcycles! It could mean only one thing. The pack that killed my father! We had to warn the others I grabbed Grizzy and headed for the others. Then they came rushing round the corner. 6 guys came round the corner on motorcycles. At their head, a man with a shaved head and long biker beard. Though the looks were different, I knew who it was. Falling Leaf. That bastard murderer!

Just as we got there we saw the devastation. Will was going batshit crazy (so thats what it looks like from the outside…). Ellie was fending off a Balehound, and Jason. Well I couldn't see where he was. I told Ellie we were "In deep trouble". But before we could head for cover the riders pulled off a drive-by. We hit the deck, but the Balehounds were not so lucky. 

The next thing I knew we were surrounded by the pack… the Ivory Claws. As before Falling Leaf descended among us. He was blunt and very much to the point. That he was mistaken for letting us live that day, and that we should watch our backs. Ellie stood upto him, only for the arsehole to smash her in the face. He'll regret that. Mark my words he will regret that!

We got Will and Ellie back to the loci. It was nighttime by then. So I had to excuse myself and make for the quarry to present my ban gifts for the Fire spirits. As I came round through the Old Roman road, I came upon a solumn spectacle. A Balehound that managed to get away. Their alpha I think, dressed in some shamanic attire. There were stag horns growing from his forehead. He was watching over a funeral pyre of his whole pack. Kinda puts a lump in your throat to look at it, bad guys or not. I'm still not in much shape even with Grizzy's healing herbs. So I left this guy to it. I had business that needed to be done. 

So I come now to where I am meditating. Staring into the flames. They are getting easier to light up now. I must be making progress. Oh god I hope I am making progress! But now we are stuck in a terrible rhutt. The Ivory Claws are active again. The Balehounds me be on the decline but the Ivory Claws are going to on our heels from now on I just know it! I need to become stronger. Oh Fire spirits I need strength. Strength like the day you aided us against the Rathost. I would just about anything, anything if I could just be granted the power to destroy that bastard Falling Leaf. Oh how I would burn him in your honour!! 

Oh Ellie. I promise. I promise somehow I will find a way to avenge you. To avenge all of us for what Falling Leaf had done to our lives. And father… I hated you in life. But only because I didn't fully understand. But now I do, I want vengance for you. I swear I will. I just need to find a way…

Ellie's diary #6

I feel lost. We’ve been at this whole werewolf thing for over 3 months now – it’s getting close to Christmas – and I still don’t feel like I’ve got anything figured out. As a Cahalith it’s my job to look after my pack, to warn of forthcoming dangers. As a Storm Lord I should be standing side by side with my Alpha, as a shining example to the pack. So far I am doing neither.

When I returned to the UK, when I followed my dreams to find Will and the others I thought it would just be like being a student again – living in a big house, all coming and going at odd hours and fighting over bathroom time. I never would have thought we’d be dealing with drug dens, cops and demons, none of us with jobs and living in an abandoned warehouse. I swear the only thing keeping me sane is being able to sneak out every few Saturdays into Bournemouth and pour my heart into the strings of my violin.

The worst of it, I think, is not the actual situations, but the back-biting and… anti-team-ness. I just wish I could see a way for us to get past all that this, and go back to the group we were before.

Maybe, just maybe, things would help if I actually stepped up. So far I’ve kind of shied away in the background, just doing as the others do, because I don’t seem to be able to understand this world as well as Will. But I if stopped my whining and moping, and actually asserted myself as Alpha [female at least], would it help and make a difference?

Manny's diary 07
Month entry

Well its been a month since St. Mary's blew up. I'm still not thrilled about working with mages (considering some experimented on me!).

I've been working on arson projects lately to take my mind off things and take time away from the group. Alpha hates my guts, Jason isn't any better. I dare not ask Ellie. Ellie… can I even face her after the blunders I've made? Sometimes I wish I could just tell her how I feel. But after the way things have gone. I don't think she'll be in any mood to talk… especially not abut something of that nature. I don't know why I torture myself though, my tribal elders of the Iron Masters told me about the sins of Werewolf kind. Werewolves can't mate with other werewolves, cos it would cause some spirit calamity or some shit like that. I don't wholey understand it myself.

Anyway… I've tried to move on from simple rubbish burning. I need something greater. Something to get the Fire spirits on my side. I need to get this right or Will and the others are gonna get rid of me! They are all the real family I have now. I can't screw up again!

Well I have managed something a little bit better than the regular this time. Its still low key but I have started setting alight to scrap debris at the Nuffield scrap yard – The 'Crap' yard as we used to call it, cos the 'S' fell off long ago. Getting in at night was easy enough under shadow. Just did the deed and left. Managed to pull it off for a couple of weeks, but I think I need to move onto something bigger still. I gotta get this right and on track again.

Over the recent two weeks I've come across in the heath land an old place I used to come as a kid. The old quarry up passed the Old Roman Road. There are wrecks here in the pools that will suit my purposes nicely. Its out of the way of most people. I've set up the old wrecks to be kinda like braziers. I've poured petrol I have been scavenging and adding heath materials to burn with. Its not huge. But its more or less sustainable. And best of all its out of the way of the others. I'm writing this last bit in the pit not too far from the fires. I think they are getting better now. It also gives me a place to meditate on things. I don't wanna be a burden to the group. I just wanna fix things and let the wounds heal. Speaking of heal, a lot of those wounds of mine have finally started to knit themselves. Hey, things may finally be starting to look up for me!

Manny's diary 06

I just got back with the others from a near escape! As of now I'm keeping myself to myself til things calm down. 


It all started when Will and I discovered this mage poking around the estate. He was a fast son of a bitch I'll give him that! We chased him around to find out what he knows about recent events with John's sister (she's gone but we have no idea where). He had a freakish cloak on with animal faces on it. From what I have gathered he has some surgical skill, as we found a dog dead, with its face removed… cleanly cut. That in itself was annoying. But that wasn't the worst of it. On later tracking of the mage we traced him to a nearby warehouse undercover working with matting and such. I snuck in under shadow so as not to be seen. Upon finding him he somehow noticed me through my veil (damn he's good). I'd thought I'd do the smart thing for a change and apply the Know Name power we inherited from The Crow That Sees All.

What a mistake that was… how can I begin to describe? It was like a tidal wave of names all at once. The voices… it was too much. I… I just couldn't stop it. My mind was just on fire! It then went all black….

I woke up in a hospital bed under guard (which I found strange, unless I had been arrested) I was beat up pretty bad. I couldn't stay though. I had to get back to the others somehow. So I leapt out of bed and changed to my big wolf form and tried to catch him off-guard and escape. It worked at first, he went all doolaley at the sight of me ad I got a bit of the way down the corridor. Then I felt a shot and went other, must have been a tranquilizer (kinda extreme but then I guess they don't have wolves in hospitals hehe).  

I came around a bit later to find I had been restrained this time. And to find this guy looming over me. He thought he knew what I really was. I tried to put him off the idea by telling him that the idea was crazy (well to anyone else and until now to me it would be crazy). But he was having none of it. I was then put under again.

I came around again, but this time he wasn't in the talking mood. I was getting shocks. I went to almost blackout point again but something in these restraints was holding me back. So instead of the angry blackout like at the estate, I just went under again.

I came around again… but just a guard this time. Still restrained (surprise surprise!). Next thing I know I am hearing banging noises from downstairs. They went away after a while. But then came a huge crash and the guard darted out and I overheard some weird chanting over his com-thing (great… they're all fucking mages!) and he dashed off with a silvery longsword… not good! I hear more noise coming from the corridor… wolf howling… they've come for me at last!! But then a huge scream of something … otherworldly called out and the ceiling came through!. Next thing I know water is trickling somewhere. But my restraints slacked a little. I tried to shift into wolf form… It worked!! Thank God!! I wriggled out as I was small enough in that form and bounded out. But now I had a new problem, a mountain of rubble I had to clamber… and the hospital was starting to give way as water was rushing faster from underneath!. So I switched upto wolfman form and started climbing. It took a while but I managed to get out. I scrambed down to the car park… to find Grizzy's van as a wreck! But I met up with the others (and got some trousers on…) and we legged it outta there, just as the marines were coming in to chase after … whatever that thing was in the corridor.

Getting back the others filled me in on what happened. Apparently I went nuts and raged in my full Werewolf form and started killing people! And its been a few days now… nearly a week and I have pissed off the Fire spirits because I had not made bonfires in my time away (being unconscious and captured has a way of messing up deadlines). 

To sum it all up in a nutshell:

* The Tribe is pissed off

* Grizzy's van is a wreck

* Fire spirits are at odds with us

So my work is definitely cut out for me. First things first I did when I got back was make the bonfires from rubbish in the skips. It took 4 hours to light. Its gonna be a long road to recovery…

Manny's diary 05

Well, I've really blown it this time… 

Ok this is what happened, we were making amens with The Crow That Sees All. Yep we pissed it off already! Apparently Jason had a bad run in with some Firetouched (a local rival pack) in order to find and bring back John (who's apparently defected). Only he forgot the eyes of a guy he killed so now that spirit is upset.

Anyway, the spirit gave us a chance to fix things. We were to find and destroy… a Rat Host. Supposedly this Rat host is eating through to the spirit realm and causing chaos. So we gotta kill it. We headed out to the heath land to a local camp site, as this Rat Host. Well we found it. But here is the part where it gets really creepy… it was inside a man at the camp. God it was disgusting! This guy was falling apart like some leper. Looking into the Gauntlet only made it worse. He was full of the little black bastards. We waited til the other campers were away in the tent, then we tried to corner the Host-guy. After that it started to get messy, we knocked the guy into the fire… unfortunately we were spotted. Then somewho the host got out of the fire and things started to catch alight. We chased the guy, leaving the place to go up. Not my first choice but we had to stop the Rat Host. The Rat Host was eventually cornered again, but this time it burst open and the rats got everywhere. Those little bastards bite hard! It was an all-over panic. Luckily I was informed to some Fire spirits nearby. So I struck a bargin with them. But in my panic I bound it with the a phrase that I later regret.

"Burn everything but not me. I shall make 3 bonfires to you ever night in exchange". At the time it worked and the host was destroyed. But as a result I had set myself up for a difficult time ahead. 

Manny's diary 04

Well, so much for the whole job thing. With this nightly pack hunt thing we are doing, its getting harder to maintain a normal life.

Jason lectured to us that we should be embracing our werewolf side and forgetting about our human ties as we are no longer human. Personally I still feel human and i don't feel comfortable letting go of the regular things. They keep me sane in this whole crazy werewolf business! But I hate to admit it… but he may be right (not that I'd admit it to his face). Its only gonna get harder to blend into society now. The more we discover about our new lives, the harder it seems to keep up with the old. Well… I'm not giving up on mankind yet, but I'll meet halfway and ditch the job, if nothing else to get a good sleep. 

That aside we have a spirit totem now. The Crow that sees all. With him we gain insight (can never have to much insight). All he asks is the eyes of our kills… seems reasonable enough. 

Manny's diary 03

Well, just got back from our trials with the werewolf tribes. So I've lost track of the last time I wrote in this. Lets see now…

We were summoned to a werewolf gathering and we each went with tribes that called best to our inner selves so to speak.

John and I went with the Iron Masters – werewolves that follow closely with mankind and focus on technology and stealth (seemed handy to me and one needs to keep his head down).

Grizzy already was with the Hunters in Darkness – werewolves getting back to nature (went with his whole outback thing he was getting into apparently).

Jason went with he Blood Talons – werewolves that walk the path of the warrior (well he's doing the whole monk thing so it suits I guess).

Ellie and Will went with the Storm Lords – werewolves that lead by example (whatever that means, just sounds like bossing around to me).

I didn't get much of what the others had to do for their trials (but then its a personal thing I guess. However, John and I were set up in a multistory car park with 4 flaming braziers. All we had to do was keep at least 2 flames burning by daybreak while the Iron Masters tried to put them out during the night.

Well we got off to a bad start as we tried a direct approach of fending off the Iron Masters from the flames… lost two within the first hour or so. Checking the brazier, it was small enough to carry. So on observing that (better late than never), I told John to grab one and hide in the lift with his and jam himself between floors for the duration. I on the other hand found an empty drum and hid myself with the brazier (on hindsight, should have just placed the brazier in there – but I wasn't sure if it would be discovered or not). On the plus side we made it passed daybreak. I guess the real moral of the story here is when in doubt – cheat.

Once we had sorted ourselves out with our tribes we decided to settle ourselves down as a proper pack. At first I and a couple of the others voted for Ellie to lead (she has a pretty level head after all). But as Will put it to us, he was the one coming up with the major plans and keeping us together. I can't argue with that really so i put my vote to him, as did the others… except for Jason, he seemed to think that he had the strength to lead us. But I don't think any of us were gonna submit to that. Need brains to get through this crazy world in the end.

We set ourselves up down at Creekmoor industrial estate. An abandoned warehouse. It had seen better days but was inconspicuous. Meh, good enough for me! We were moving here cos Will seems to think we can work our way back to Hamworthy some day. I'm not sure if I believe we can myself. But you gotta have an objective in life and it seemed a noble one. 

I've since applied for a job at B&Q as its closer to our new home (Ferndown was just too far away to be practical any more). 

Will's Diary, Entry #7

Jesus Christ on a bike, I’d completely forgotten about this thing.

I got some serious catching up to do.

The short version is that I’m a werewolf, I’m the alpha of the pack, which funnily enough is the old gang again. Strange how fate brought us back together.

Shit’s really hit the fan. We don’t know how to be a pack but we’re trying but nothing ever seems to go right.

  • We pissed off our totem (Raven that sees all), multiple times
  • We pissed off the local Pure packs
  • Manny (that idiot!) managed to expose werewolf kind to the world
  • Consequently we had to make a deal with some mages to tidy it up
  • Had to rescue Manny from some psycho-mage
  • Unleashed a demon and basically sent St. Anne’s down a cliff

When we fuck up, we fuck up big time.

I’ve given up my eye for this pack, we even saved Manny when it would have been easier to just solve the problem permanently.

I’ve been keeping a shit list, Jase, Grizz and Manny are on it. Grizz was in the lead but I gave him a beat down to teach him a lesson and after Manny’s little escapade, well, the others are nearly out of the running. Ellie’s the only one I can rely on not to screw up or question my authority in front of the others. She’s another Stormlord like me. I wonder what she’s planning, she had some of the alpha vote last time around…

Well, at least things are nearly back to normal. Normal as in we’re only in shit knee deep rather than to our eyeballs. We got some Mage’s we can possibly get some stuff off but I don’t trust them. They want to play around with the Other and that doesn’t bode well with me, we’ll need to keep an eye on them.

They are powerful though, really powerful. Hell, just killing one unleashed a fucking demon! That’s the kind of power I could use. I’m taking my home back from those Ivory Claw motherfuckers whatever it takes. And mum, well, she has a lot to answer for and the only answers I want to here sound like death rattles. Pretty sure I can’t learn what they have to teach though, so I’ll need to figure out some other way to use them.

We’d just built ourselves some respect in the Other but that’s gone to shit now. Time to start making amends, making deals, learning new tricks. Gotta get us some more power. Gotta get me some more.

Manny's diary 02.

So much has happened since becoming a werewolf. I have found my old friends… or rather they found me. John's sister left me a message for me to meet up with John in Southampton. 

Upon reaching the coach station I bumped into David Grizwald. My he has changed since leaving for Australia! Heh he looks just one of those guys from those auzzy outback shows on tv. Sure enough on meeting the John and his sister, the rest of the group showed up. They've certainly changed over the years. Will's gotten a lot taller and taken the emo/gothic route in life. John as grumpy as ever. As for Ellie… well what can I say, she's even prettier than I remember (though still has that sharp tongue on her). And Jason, well he's done the whole monk thing in the far east gag. Oh well at least he's not as clammed up as he used to be.

So as we couldn't really go back to Hamworthy, I invited them to stay at my flat. Its not much but hey what do you expect for a guy that works at Haskins? Anyway, just before we got there my werewolf sense went off by this tree (funny it never did that before). But before we could say anything Grizzy did his werewolf thing and stepped into it! Next thing we know he's set off some spirits. Man not good for new werewolves on the block… 


Quick catch-up

After Mageth is exorcised, we sleep. next morning griz takes the boy to the heath centre and we discuss what to do next. Will wants to go to the vamp price and tell him we will kill tanars boys in exchange for maybe an alliance, their territory at least and mostly left alone. Jace says bad idea until we are better prepared. will and jace go to loci to talk to raven and other spirits. in mean time, manny griz and elli go and look for many-faced-blue-eye-guy. manny sneaks in, find many-face-blue-eye-guy and does ‘know name’ make him go crazy and he shifts to garu. Elli and griz hear and go to stop him, but in grappling his elli accidental does him enough damage to knock him out and almost kill him. they run out with his unconscious body and get stopped by an ambulance person. they lye horribly, and run away, but the cops catch them and knock them out.


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