Into The Darkness Where The Primordial Was Broken

Manny's diary 04

Well, so much for the whole job thing. With this nightly pack hunt thing we are doing, its getting harder to maintain a normal life.

Jason lectured to us that we should be embracing our werewolf side and forgetting about our human ties as we are no longer human. Personally I still feel human and i don't feel comfortable letting go of the regular things. They keep me sane in this whole crazy werewolf business! But I hate to admit it… but he may be right (not that I'd admit it to his face). Its only gonna get harder to blend into society now. The more we discover about our new lives, the harder it seems to keep up with the old. Well… I'm not giving up on mankind yet, but I'll meet halfway and ditch the job, if nothing else to get a good sleep. 

That aside we have a spirit totem now. The Crow that sees all. With him we gain insight (can never have to much insight). All he asks is the eyes of our kills… seems reasonable enough. 

Manny's diary 03

Well, just got back from our trials with the werewolf tribes. So I've lost track of the last time I wrote in this. Lets see now…

We were summoned to a werewolf gathering and we each went with tribes that called best to our inner selves so to speak.

John and I went with the Iron Masters – werewolves that follow closely with mankind and focus on technology and stealth (seemed handy to me and one needs to keep his head down).

Grizzy already was with the Hunters in Darkness – werewolves getting back to nature (went with his whole outback thing he was getting into apparently).

Jason went with he Blood Talons – werewolves that walk the path of the warrior (well he's doing the whole monk thing so it suits I guess).

Ellie and Will went with the Storm Lords – werewolves that lead by example (whatever that means, just sounds like bossing around to me).

I didn't get much of what the others had to do for their trials (but then its a personal thing I guess. However, John and I were set up in a multistory car park with 4 flaming braziers. All we had to do was keep at least 2 flames burning by daybreak while the Iron Masters tried to put them out during the night.

Well we got off to a bad start as we tried a direct approach of fending off the Iron Masters from the flames… lost two within the first hour or so. Checking the brazier, it was small enough to carry. So on observing that (better late than never), I told John to grab one and hide in the lift with his and jam himself between floors for the duration. I on the other hand found an empty drum and hid myself with the brazier (on hindsight, should have just placed the brazier in there – but I wasn't sure if it would be discovered or not). On the plus side we made it passed daybreak. I guess the real moral of the story here is when in doubt – cheat.

Once we had sorted ourselves out with our tribes we decided to settle ourselves down as a proper pack. At first I and a couple of the others voted for Ellie to lead (she has a pretty level head after all). But as Will put it to us, he was the one coming up with the major plans and keeping us together. I can't argue with that really so i put my vote to him, as did the others… except for Jason, he seemed to think that he had the strength to lead us. But I don't think any of us were gonna submit to that. Need brains to get through this crazy world in the end.

We set ourselves up down at Creekmoor industrial estate. An abandoned warehouse. It had seen better days but was inconspicuous. Meh, good enough for me! We were moving here cos Will seems to think we can work our way back to Hamworthy some day. I'm not sure if I believe we can myself. But you gotta have an objective in life and it seemed a noble one. 

I've since applied for a job at B&Q as its closer to our new home (Ferndown was just too far away to be practical any more). 

Will's Diary, Entry #7

Jesus Christ on a bike, I’d completely forgotten about this thing.

I got some serious catching up to do.

The short version is that I’m a werewolf, I’m the alpha of the pack, which funnily enough is the old gang again. Strange how fate brought us back together.

Shit’s really hit the fan. We don’t know how to be a pack but we’re trying but nothing ever seems to go right.

  • We pissed off our totem (Raven that sees all), multiple times
  • We pissed off the local Pure packs
  • Manny (that idiot!) managed to expose werewolf kind to the world
  • Consequently we had to make a deal with some mages to tidy it up
  • Had to rescue Manny from some psycho-mage
  • Unleashed a demon and basically sent St. Anne’s down a cliff

When we fuck up, we fuck up big time.

I’ve given up my eye for this pack, we even saved Manny when it would have been easier to just solve the problem permanently.

I’ve been keeping a shit list, Jase, Grizz and Manny are on it. Grizz was in the lead but I gave him a beat down to teach him a lesson and after Manny’s little escapade, well, the others are nearly out of the running. Ellie’s the only one I can rely on not to screw up or question my authority in front of the others. She’s another Stormlord like me. I wonder what she’s planning, she had some of the alpha vote last time around…

Well, at least things are nearly back to normal. Normal as in we’re only in shit knee deep rather than to our eyeballs. We got some Mage’s we can possibly get some stuff off but I don’t trust them. They want to play around with the Other and that doesn’t bode well with me, we’ll need to keep an eye on them.

They are powerful though, really powerful. Hell, just killing one unleashed a fucking demon! That’s the kind of power I could use. I’m taking my home back from those Ivory Claw motherfuckers whatever it takes. And mum, well, she has a lot to answer for and the only answers I want to here sound like death rattles. Pretty sure I can’t learn what they have to teach though, so I’ll need to figure out some other way to use them.

We’d just built ourselves some respect in the Other but that’s gone to shit now. Time to start making amends, making deals, learning new tricks. Gotta get us some more power. Gotta get me some more.

Manny's diary 02.

So much has happened since becoming a werewolf. I have found my old friends… or rather they found me. John's sister left me a message for me to meet up with John in Southampton. 

Upon reaching the coach station I bumped into David Grizwald. My he has changed since leaving for Australia! Heh he looks just one of those guys from those auzzy outback shows on tv. Sure enough on meeting the John and his sister, the rest of the group showed up. They've certainly changed over the years. Will's gotten a lot taller and taken the emo/gothic route in life. John as grumpy as ever. As for Ellie… well what can I say, she's even prettier than I remember (though still has that sharp tongue on her). And Jason, well he's done the whole monk thing in the far east gag. Oh well at least he's not as clammed up as he used to be.

So as we couldn't really go back to Hamworthy, I invited them to stay at my flat. Its not much but hey what do you expect for a guy that works at Haskins? Anyway, just before we got there my werewolf sense went off by this tree (funny it never did that before). But before we could say anything Grizzy did his werewolf thing and stepped into it! Next thing we know he's set off some spirits. Man not good for new werewolves on the block… 


Quick catch-up

After Mageth is exorcised, we sleep. next morning griz takes the boy to the heath centre and we discuss what to do next. Will wants to go to the vamp price and tell him we will kill tanars boys in exchange for maybe an alliance, their territory at least and mostly left alone. Jace says bad idea until we are better prepared. will and jace go to loci to talk to raven and other spirits. in mean time, manny griz and elli go and look for many-faced-blue-eye-guy. manny sneaks in, find many-face-blue-eye-guy and does ‘know name’ make him go crazy and he shifts to garu. Elli and griz hear and go to stop him, but in grappling his elli accidental does him enough damage to knock him out and almost kill him. they run out with his unconscious body and get stopped by an ambulance person. they lye horribly, and run away, but the cops catch them and knock them out.

Ellie's diary #5

Welp… Things just seems to go from bad to worst.

Turns out Doofus has decided to join the Dark Side. When Jace and Griz went to get him back from turlin moor they ran into a pack of Pure, and while trying to run away, jace acidentally killed the adopted son of the Pure’s alpha, and didn’t get his eyes either. I was waiting for them to return when I suddenly hear this ear-splitting howl, and the world shifts a little. In the evening we all coaleced again, and will gave Griz and Jace a right going over and we went out to secure out territory. The next morning I went off to work, will to uni ect. Then that night we went to see the raven. It told us that it wouldn’t return it’s favour for a month, then will stepped forward and offered it penance. The raven accepted it, and flew off, and then will… pulled out his own eye.

Gods it’s just to horrible to contemplate…

Ellie's diary #4 cont.

Ah there we go, now where was I?

Oh yeah. After I said about the dreams the others kinda looked at me like I was nuts. To be honest I use to think the same – that being changed had made me crazy. But anyway, Griz was really nice, he said that when he was in Oz the pack had someone like me, and all the others deferred to them. He told everyone they should listen to me, and that if I thought it was jason coming back we should try to find him before the Pure did. So with that Manny, Will and Griz went out to try and find a locus and ask some spirits about… stuff. I don’t know. It all seems so long ago now, I have trouble remembering. But I want to take this down, for the same reason I kept all my old diaries. It’s important for us to remember who we are, where we came from, and what we’re fighting for.

Anyway, while they were out John and I were practising shifting because griz said it would probably be a good idea. Only… unless you have clothes bound to you magically, when you change back you’re naked. That was very embarrassing to say the least. Anyway the others came back, will and manny with really bad sunburns. We say and talked and they told us what had happened and as we sat there, there was a knock on the door. Manny was on the loo, so Will answered the door. I half followed him. when he opened it there was a huge man with white hair. Will didn’t recognise him, but it was the man from the dream. Will said, “we don’t need any wachtowers thanks,” and shut the door. I barged past him, yelling and threw open the door again. I don’t know why – after all the fear he caused us – but I yelled out his name and hugged Jason as hard as I could. And then the hall seemed to be filled with people and wolves and everyone was talking and laughing and drinking and eating. We told Jason about bear and he was sad, as we all were, for a while and then the drinking resumed… and it was suddenly next morning. Jason told us about a man who’d helped him, and who wanted to help all of us. They wanted us to become a pack and teach us about being wolves, so we piled in Giz’s rent-a-car, Jason directing and we met this guy… and then things got so complicated so fast. We went to Southampton and had to pick a tribe. Will and I picked the StormLords and they took us to Salisbury and we had to run to Stonehenge and back a bunch of times in different forms, and then we met back us and we were declared a pack and told to go find territory and get a totem spirit, and get jobs and…

So here we are, staying in a former drug den in Albany Business Park on Cabot Lane. We cleaned it up, bought a few basics. There’s a loci at the junction of Woodpecker drive and Longmeadow lane. Our totem is The Raven Who Sees All. Will is carrying on at Uni, Manny has a job at B&Q, Jason has been dumpster diving for homely touches, Griz is working at the creekmoor surgery. I’m going to an interview at Macro this afternoon. This morning Doofus vanished – Griz and Jason went to find him.

So I guess this is what my life is to become: working afternoon shifts for minimum wage, staying out all night hunting. Trying not to get killed by those who hate us, and four days of every month getting disturbing dreams.

What joy…

Ellie's diary #4

Dear diary,

So much has happened these past few weeks since I returned to the UK that I’ve not had a spare minuet to write here. But finally, I have a couple of hours to myself, and I can record what has been happening.

After the… change, I began having peculiar dreams. I’d gone back to stay at Aunty May’s but soon I felt compelled to leave and seek out my childhood friends: Grizzy, Doofus, Jason, Will and Manny. So I packed my self up and left Wales on a train bound for Salisbury. I didn’t quite know why it was there I’d chosen to begin my search – I’d not had any contact with them for the 10 years we’d been separated – but as I lay in the bath, I had another dream and it was then I knew. I left my hotel and found an eatery, and it was there I found Will, buried up to his nose in drink. We talked for a time, about what had happened, and what was happening still to us. I told him about my dreams but he was sceptical, and rightly so then I suppose. We were still at the bar when he received a text, reading it out loud Will said it seemed to be from Doofus’ little sister, asking if we could meet her and John soon. Will had no transport so I suggested we meet her in Southampton. A few more texts went back and forth and before we knew it, Will and I were in Southampton, meeting John and his sister Mia and – as it turned out – the rest of what would soon become our pack.

When we were all assembled Mia said she had called us together because she thought it would help Jonh. She told us he had been through some tough times. I was amazed at how some of us had changed, and despite my misgivings on the journy down, everything suddenly felt… well, right. But soon reality stepped back in. Griz had just stepped off a plane from Oz, John had been kicked out of his appartment, I’d also just returned from the US. The only ones who had homes where Manny and Will, and Will lived with his adopted parents. So we took train and bus to ferndown and stayed with Manny. Gizzy was the only one who had had any other contact with kin – people like us- so , while we sat late into the night at Manny’s, he tried to teac us about warewolves. I must have fallen asleep at some point, because I remember waking up the next morning having dreamt about a huge man with white hair, standing on the prow of a ship coming into Poole. I don’t know why but I was convinced it was jason, and I was terrified that he would get killed. You see, after Bear died, and Will’s Mom was co-opted into Falling Leaf’s gang, we were told, if any of us ever set foot in Poole town again they would kill us. As soon as everyone was awake I told them about the dream.

Ah, the kettle’s boiling over! I will have to finish this later.

Manny's diary.

I never wrote a diary entry before (mainly cos I never saw the point) but my stepdad (Charles Quai) says "In order to percieve the future, one must look into the roots of one's history". I still say he talks in riddles, and I've been living with him in Bristol for 8 years now.

Anyway so here goes…

10 years ago it all came crashing down when this werewolf pack went on the wrecking rampage around town. It was nothing short of a turf war turf out. Mum never really recovered from the attack on our home. I've visited her every few months but she grows more distant as times goes on (I wonder if she'll ever recover). Dad's dead and many of Bear's pack were taken over by this 'Falling Leaf'. To make a long story short those that weren't killed were led away. My friends (If I even have the right to call them that) and I were left the option of getting out of the district or be killed. Not a lot a group of school kids could do really against a bunch of adults. Even less as these adults could turn into ravenous wolves that could tear your throat out in the blink of an eye.

Well after that we were put in custody and later into foster care. I had such a huge chip on my shoulder back then, and to say the least had done things that were more than a little regrettable. My first foster care placement was with Justin and Yvonne Radcliff. Oh how they reminded me of my old parents. Workaholics and perfectionists the both of them. I spent more time bailing out of the back window in those 2 years than I did during my whole life up until that point! 

Then there was Frank and Suzanne Mayfield. Nice enough folks, but a little too soft for my liking. I was the sort of kid that needed boundaries and they just let me do what I wanted (which was pretty much roam the streets vandalising public property). It was during my 3rd year with the Mayfields that I stumbled into an oriental garden store. It was there that I met Charles and Lin Quai. To think I was gonna break up those potted plants. I barely blinked and the old man grabbed the stick outta my hand. How could I not be impressed, this guy had moves like some action hero, yet he was shorter than me! It was crazy!

But what got me most was that he didn't turn me into the police. He got me to sweep the shop. I hated it at first, but then as time went on he would show me all the different plants he was growing. We'd have tea at the end of every day's work. He was good to me and always two steps ahead. I couldn't pull the wool over those eyes (believe me I spent 2 years trying!). Eventually the Mayfields thought it would be best that the Quais became my foster parents. What surprised me most was that they actually did without a second thought! Charles Quai said he saw something in me and just needed direction and disipline. He taught me some amazing things. The best of which was Tai Chi. He said we might move on to actual Kung Fu when I was mature enough (whatever that means). 

It was in the last month that everything really changed (not that I deny my step parents' influence for a second!). I was picking up a delivery of supplies for the shop one night. I was on my way back when out of the blue it happened. I changed… And I ain't talking that kind of change every guy goes through when he comes of age. For a start you don't sprout black fur head to toe and grow ears that could hear a pin drop down the street! Then the next thing I know I felt the sudden urge to hide. But before the thought had even sparked in the old brain pan I was already out of sight under an old warehouse stair ramp. Now this is the sort of thing you'd expect from some hardcore marine, not a guy who works in an oriental garden store! (Damn it Dad! you never prepared me for this!) 

When I got back home, I didn't know what to say to my step parents. But Charles always knew when there was something up with me. He was good like that. I eventually explained it to him. He took it really well. He told me something that always stuck with me.

"My son. You will always have a place here. But you must find others of your kind. A wolf is only as strong as the pack he roams with. You must find your place. Use your gifts, but use them wisely. In time, you will find your calling."

 So now I find myself looking though the phone directory trying to find my old school friends. I just hope they remember me. If I am gonna start anywhere with this. Then I gotta find them… somehow 

davids good bye leter

Hi every one hope you are all somewere safe and well

I'm very sorry I did't get to say good bye properly but my parents were overly angshus to get me out of the cuntre to some were much safer. what with all the ''gang war fare''going on and all I dont know  if you know this but my parents are moveing out of the arear as soon as thay can so I don't know if we will be abull to keep intuch after this (I'd been here at the seep station for a week befor I could post aney thing)and I dont know were aney of you are going so in case i dont get to ever see you agen I whant you all to Know how sorry I am for evreythigk for not being the friend I shoud have been for not being there when you needed me and for being a cowerd and not being abule to save baer and most of all for jason. if i hadent had fallen out withe him he would of been there to stop john frome ataking falling lefe with his cruch  and he wold't of gon fearule on us (thats what grandad sahs it was) john would't have got hurt. will would't have lost his mum. and I culd have of goten to baer sooner its all my foult

If you ever find jason pleas tell him I'm so sorry for bllowing up in his face like that it's not his fault it me and my hang ups about friend. in the past I'v been beetrad so meney times so called friends who just turneed out to be anuther bully. I gess when will said about you beating that gang member to inch of ther life afte thay had past out and the facked that you were allways first into a fiht it just seemed that thats what you wer turning into anuther bully. but i see now that you were allways first in so you culd protect me and the others from danger.

your a protecter jashon never forget that .It culd be said your a lote of thing but your not a bully your a body gared you allways put those you protecte befor your self and i respeck even envy you for that. your more a friend than i couled ever hope to be I'm sorry for evrey thing I said.

I hope when we all nexst meet I will be a beter friend and a stronuger person to and find a way to make it up to you all  what ever it is we become.

 good luck to you all were ever we end up.

yours regretfuly david 'grizze grizzroled


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