Into The Darkness Where The Primordial Was Broken

Will's Diary, Entry #6

Dear diary,

I haven’t written in a while. Things have been really hectic and now I have to write something because it’s all scary and I can’t talk to any one else and it’s bad.

I think that maybe we are werewolves. Mum is definitely one and so are some of the other’s dads. We’ve had run ins with other ones. Everything is all different and scary now. It’s like being in a horror movie accept it’s all real life. Well, I bet it’s like what is in a horror movie, Dad doesn’t let me watch them because I’m not old enough.

We had to fight some wolves off a few days back by Sainsburys. That sounds so weird, fighting werewolves by Sainsburys. Like some kind of joke. It wasn’t funny though. Jason got really hurt and I thought they were going to kill us! I stabbed one with my silver thorn to try and get it off of Jason but it really hurted him. Then Jason went crazy and he killed the wolf and kept kicking her (she turned into a naked girl!) in the head!

He KILLED her! And now everything is weird and scary. Can I be friends with someone who killed someone? Does it count if they are a werewolf? I think it does, I don’t know what I would do if mum was killed. I think Jason might be turning bad, maybe his nasty step-dad broke him somehow, at least they took him away and he is living with John now (Jason not his step-dad, I hope they make him live in a poo-pit or something!). I don’t know what to do, he is all big and quiet and I don’t know how to make him better and stop him turning nasty. Maybe I can’t, he’s already killed someone.

What was even scarier though is that I saw the girl again at school. She was watching us. Maybe she was a ghost. Bear and stuff said things about spirits which are ghosts I think. Or maybe she was really okay and not dead, but I don’t think so. But maybe because she was a werewolf she could heal from that. I don’t know.

I’ve been keeping away from Jason. I think I’m a little scared of him. It’s not really about killing that girl I think, I think it’s about him doing it after she was unconscious. We could have run away, but he didn’t. We all met up for our camping trip to free the spirit we had to free but things are all weird now. The train was smelly and weird and then we got lost in Wareham but then we found a path and a farm but pig chased us! I dived over a fence but not everyone was so quick and John got his bum bit. We found our camping site but we had to go past this weird place that we thought might have witches in. Are witches real? Probably, if werewolves are too and magic and all the other weird stuff we’ve seen. Anyway, we camped and tried to get asleep but I decided to stay up a bit and write this. The weird chanting from the witchy place makes me afraid to sleep right now.

What do I do now? Why is everything so hard?

Eleanor's diary, #3

Dear diary,

Something very bad happened today. I’m not sure if I even want to write about it here. I just want the whole thing to go away.

Jason killed someone!

We were in Poole, Manny and will went to see bear and Will’s mum and they said it was okay for us to go camping, so we went to look at camping stuff [oh and we found out Jason’s parent’s got taken to prison so that’s why he went missing] and there was the strange boy following us so when we had to wait at the train crossing I decided to say something to him but he ran away and ran to the back of Sainsbury’s and we yelled at him, and then his friends turned up and they were bigger than us and they were werewolves and I didn’t know what to do, but will and Jason and Doofus started fighting them and Jason got really mad and the wolf he was fighting hurt him a lot but it just made him angrier and he just kept hitting it until it was on the floor and all it’s friends ran away and even then he didn’t stop and Doofus and Manny had to pull him away and then we fainted and I went and got a first aid kit and we took him down to old orchard to try and patch him up but it didn’t work so we went to this doctors surgery and an ambulance came and took him away and will went really scaredy quiet and Doofus didn’t seem to care and Manny was just Manny and I don’t know what to do or thing. We went to ham park because we said we’d meet Grizzy there and we didn’t tell him everything, just that we got in a fight and we tried to wash the blood off our clothes and I didn’t want to go home, but Manny made me and I ran upstairs and locked the door and just cried and cried.

I’m so scared, what if the girl’s friends come after us again, what if their clan thingy attacks daddy and Will’s mum and bear and Manny’s dad? What if we caused a huge big fight? I don’t want any one to be mad at me, at us, and I hope Jason’s okay. I hate all this stupid werewolf shit. Why did that stupid boy have to follow us in the first place? Can’t they just leave us alone? Why can’t any of this stupid hinky crap leave us alone?

Elenor's Diary, Entry 2

Okay, so I’m getting the hang of this whole diary writing thing now.

After we got back from seeing Bear and Nightshade and the others some weird things happened at Grizzy’s house – all the lights went out and the TV was all strange and fuzzy. Manny got pretty freaked out, so we pulled him into the hallway and shut the door to the living room. Then we heard a bang from upstairs and Grizzy’s little brother started crying, so I stayed with Manny while Jason and Doofus – I mean John – went and had a look. They were gone quite a while but suddenly they came running down the stairs with Grizy’s brother and they said there was a three headed dog up there. So then we all went outside and the lights came back on, but we were out long enough to hear sirens from the direction of the school. Then we went back inside and tried to get some sleep until Dave’s mum and dad came home. They asked us about the huge dent in the door of Dave’s Brother’s room, and I tried to blag that we didn’t know, but I screwed up and now they don’t like us…

Anyway the next day we put everything behind us and decided to go to the library in town to find out about the ghost the witch-woman wants Jason, Doofus and Will to help, and Dave went to find out about his parents. I was really good, I found out all about the woman we’re to help all on my own and the librarian let me read this really old book. So we found out her name was Elizabeth and she ran a pub out by Wareham but she got into trouble with some smugglers and they cut out her tongue and then some men from HM customs made her sign something against the smugglers so they came back and burnt her pub down with her in it!!

Anyway by that time it was lunch so we all went to MacDonald while I told everyone what I’d found out, but there were some girls I use to know who tried to pick on me. I was going to be adult and mature about it and just ignore them, but Jason and Manny decided they where going to ‘help’ me by picking a fight. Manny used a straw to send a spit-shot at one of the girls, which made her drop her milkshake in one of the other’s laps. Jason was going to gone up to them and yell at them, but I managed to pull him out side, where Dave and Will joined us. But stupid Manny and Doofus go into a fight and got asked to leave by the security guard, but they ran away. We were waiting just outside by Woollies when they came running past with a security guard behind them, so we all split up and Manny and I went down past the church and the other’s split off towards the car park. Manny and I ran until we got to the road by the guild hall, where yelled at him for being a stupid rotten boy. As we walked out onto the pavement, we saw Will, Grizzy and Doofus by the Blue Boar, so we walked across to see them. I asked them where Jason was, but they didn’t know, so we figured he’d just gone a different way. He knew we were going to go to the waterfront museum so we headed there. We needed a really old map of the area, and the archivist was really helpful. I was tired after all that running and finding out stuff in the morning, so Manny and Grizzy got the map. We hung around a little bit longer, discussing if we should even been going on this trip, now that we knew about werewolf territories and stuff, but Jason never showed up so we all came home.

I hope Jason’s okay, and that he didn’t get into too much trouble if he got caught, especially cause it wasn’t his fault. Why don’t boys ever leave anything alone? Anyway Will said he’d get his dad to talk to his mum about us going camping and if it’s okay, so I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

Eleanor's diary


Okay this is stupid. I don’t quite know how this is supposed to work, but I’ve had, like, the worst day ever, and… I don’t think I can talk to the others about it. But I need to talk to someone, or something or I think my head’ll explode. ‘Kay, so here goes.

Things have been kinda odd for a while now – Grizzy seeing three headed bugs, Bloody Mary being sent to hurt Manny, and Will talking backwards cuz simon said so – and then, and then tonight Bear told us we’re werewolves! I don’t want to be a stupid werewolf, and I don’t want to have to fight in some stupid war, and I don’t care about Father Wolf or any of that!

And I hate the boys for getting me in this mess in the first place. I hate them all: Jason and Will and John and Grizzy and especially Manny. All they ever do is get me in trouble at school and at home and they do stupid things that put me in danger and I don’t know why I started to care about them because they don’t care about me and all I want is to go back to school and hang around with my real friends and talk about normal things like clothes and Take That and stuff. I shouldn’t have listened to them in the first place, I should have just ignored them and now every thing’s wrong and I don’t want to be here and I hate them so much!

Stupid boys and their stupid thick poo-poo heads!!!!!

Will's Diary, Entry #5

Dear diary,

I’ve not written in a while. Things have been getting really busy and kinda scary. Especially now. I’m in hospital and I can’t talk properly because Simon says so. Simon is like the funny little men I got my book from, but he speaks in my head and makes me do bad things. I’m really scared.

In music class I thought I would try and play on of the tunes in my book and it turned out to be magic! The whole class became frozen and then they had to copy me! It made my nose bleed though and the magic spell stuff hurts my head. I went to tell the others but they wouldn’t believe me so I had to show them again and again and then in the library it hurted too much and fainted and then when I woke up I was all blood and my head hurt lots and Simon told me to speak backwards and hit Jason but I try not to listen to him. I was real scared so I told Dad at the hospital. He believed me and said he was going to fix everything. All my friends came from school too and told me what happened and played super mario with me.

Things have been getting real weird. We found a weird book with monster pictures of people we know in and we think some nasty kids are playing with Bloody Mary and are going to make her get Manny! I can’t remember everything that has happened though, my head still hurts and I just want to go home and oh no! I’m going to miss the sleepover at Davids place and I wont be able to help catch the weird bug things he keeps seeing at night! This is so unfair!

I hate Simon! Stupid ugly in-my-head man! It’s all his fault!

Will's Diary, Entry #4

Dear Diary,

We went to the bush but it was just a bush and the thorny place had gone! We kept trying but it didn’t come back and then we had an idea that maybe it would be back at the same times we had seen it before. We were right and so me and Jase went into the thorn place but we couldn’t cut any thorns and they fought back and so we couldn’t get rich. We heard music though and so we went deeper in and there was that weird man Jase saw before and there was a whole fayre of weird people selling things and I bought a book. I didn’t have any money but the man gave it to me for free in exchange for looking at my neckalace that Jase made but when he gave it back it cutted me but I think it was an accident.

We did some other stuff but I forgot.

Later on the other came and we showed them the bushes and went into the thorny place. But the bushes were really far away this time and we could see the park still but all grey and then invisible thorns started scratching us and it was scary and cold and it started snowing! Then a creepy voice told us it was safe to come but I didn’t like it and so we went.

My book is so cool it has weird poems and stuff about spirits and something called the Spring Court. I wonder if there is a Spring Judge with a silly wig?

Will's Diary, Entry #3

Dear Diary,

Lots of stuff happened this week. There was the fire at the school. Everyone thinks Manny did it but I don’t think so. Then again, he is mean all the time. I invited Jason over to my place for tea but he had to go home because dad wouldn’t let him stay over. Also we went to the park and played with that kid that broke that guys face’s dog and I kinda made him run into that nasty whiney girl Eleanor by accident but it was kinda funny anyway.

We found stuff in a bush and that some bad kids Jason knew were in. It was gross in there and there was slimy, smelly stuff there and Jason said he saw some thorns and a little man but I didn’t see anything. He is a bit weird after all but now I know better. We found some paper that said something like bloody mary on it and I didn’t know what it meant but Eleanor was scared and told me about a silly story about saying it 3 times in the mirror. I think that’s all silly stuff for little girls and babies. I’m too old to be scared by that stuff, I am 8 after all.

On Saturday I went to the park after having breakfast with dad. Jason was there and he wanted to look at that bush again. He also told me he didn’t go home yesterday but went camping by himself! He’s really cool! We looked in that bush again and I saw those silver spiky bushes and got one stuck in my hand and it really hurt! We went and got a plaster and the nice lady at the store gave me a lollypop and David bought us all mini-milks! Jason promised to show us his camp so we went there but it smelled weird like the hobo man in the park. Jason wanted to find him but I said we shouldn’t talk to strangers. But David and Jason said we’d be okay because there were 3 of us so I went with them. We showed the hobo man the silver thorn thingy and he did some weird stuff and growled a lot and it was strange but he have it back. Jason also had made it into a necklace like a sharks tooth which was cool. The hobo man said it was real silver so I said to Jason we should go and try and cut off some more of them. Dad might have shears and gloves so we wont hurt ourselves and with all that silver we’d be like mega-gazillionaires!

Then Eleanor and Manny and Marcus turned up and Marcus was all burned and Manny was all beat up. We wanted to keep the silver bushes our secret so I lured them away by playing IT and then we all went home.

I’m going to be super-rich tomorrow!

Will's Diary, Entry #2

Dear Diary,

Everyone ended up following me to the fireworks display. I just sat and watched the fireworks and tried not to pay any attention to the others, hoping that maybe they’d go away. But then some other kids started making fun of Jason and then they wanted his money! And Jason hit him!

He probably should have got an adult, which is what I did. There were lots of council people in jackets and stuff and so I went and got some before someone got hurt. I don’t mind fighting to defend myself or others but these were all big kids.

When I got back things weren’t good. Jason looked okay but the weird kid that had followed be to the park had gone all kung-fu on the gang and they looked really hurt! It was kinda scary. The council guy called the police and they came and took everyone away and took statements and I rode in a police car. At least some of the other kids didn’t fight, like that girl Eleanor and the friend of Jason’s. I hope they didn’t get in too much police trouble. The police said that I was a real good kid and told me dad and everything. I’m so cool!

The next day at lunch I went to find the others to ask about what had happened when I went to get help. Eleanor wouldn’t talk to me though or even admit she was there. She was being all girly and lying and mean and I told her so but her stinky girly friends just called me names and wouldn’t listen so I went to find Jason instead. He didn’t say much but that’s kind of what Jason does. He also had a HUGE black eye I asked him if he got it during the fight and he said he got it after. I asked him about that too but he said I wouldn’t understand. I’m not just a kid I can know stuff too. Just because he’s bigger than me don’t make him smarter. He didn’t get the police, so nahhhhh. I told him that I told the police that the gang started the fight but he seemed all sad and far away again after talking about his eye.

Will's Diary, Entry #1

Dear diary,

I thought I’d start keeping a diary today after the teacher mentioned it in English class. I guess it’s okay.

Today was really lame. I got put in detention with a bunch of older kids. They were all mean and stupid and I don’t like any of them. I hope I don’t get detention again. It wasn’t even my fault, I was helping some other kids because they were getting bullied and so I hit the bully and I got told off! Lame!

Man, at least I got out of there quickly, the others couldn’t keep quiet. That weird kid Jason even started singing! I don’t think he wanted to go home, but I didn’t ask. He’s strange and scary and old. The only boy there my age was that weird little thug kid that smokes and swears and burns things. He even swore at the teacher!

After I had my tea I went to Rockley Park to explore and play Spies. Those kids from detention were there and they were fighting again. They are meant to be older and more grown up and stuff but they are only more dumb and mean I think. That Jason boy was there and seemed real sad, but I didn’t want to say anything in case he did anything weird.

I tried to stop them from fighting and then Jason was all weird at us all and this smelly hairy man came along and said he knew Jason! He said there were fireworks on the Quay and I completely forgot about it. I didn’t want to hang around with all those stupidheads anyway so I ran to the Quay so I wouldn’t miss anything but they followed me.

I hope they don’t bully me tomorrow. I’ll show them if they do – Dad taught me some fighting stuff last weekend and I’ve been practising some cool moves from Street Fighter II and I’ll kick their asses!

Maybe I’ll try and make friends with Jason tomorrow, he’s weird and strange but everyone leaves him alone so maybe they wont bother me either if I hang around with him. I wonder why he is so sad all the time.


In a world where Beasts Could and Are living under your bed, Vampires and Werewolves Stalk why is it that your the only people that can see them? Why wont mum and dad Belive you? What if that story that grany kepps telling you about the Woman in that pub who bricked up the twinns in the annex is true? A troupe of Intrepid Young adventures are About to find out and start the long journey in to the darkness. An event that will change there lives and there perceptions of the world around them forever. Will All Be Lost?


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