david Grizzwaulled



Age 11

d.o.b. 12/06/97

Gen male

Blood type B



Marry Elisabeth Lancaster age 37

Job part time nurse/home maker

John Thomas grizzwaulled age 39

Consultant architect

Married 15 years on 05/09/93



Ruth Bethany grizzwaulled age 15


Going thru the grumpy teenager stage. (Mum&dad are trying to be sympathetic & understanding)

Lisa mille Grizzwaulled age8


Beginning a tweenager stage. (Mum&dad do not approve)

Mark Solomon Grizzwaulled age 4 D.o.b.22/10/03

Is showing child genius potential. Can count to 100 UN added. (Mum&dad are proud but are going to try not to spoil him)


David grizzrolled is living proof of the power of a name and the cruelty of other children to destroy the life of its holder. Ever since 1st school he has been taunted and teased about his last name and so has lead to David growing up to be quiet and introverted who finds it hard to make new friends for fear of the invertible name calling and being used. His family isn't rich but he always has money for the school canteen/tuck shop so has had his fare share of false friends and so kept to himself and out off way so he doesn't get picked on so much as he see it. His introverted behaviour at school has lead to (christen) parents to worry that he was not getting enuthe social interaction so they signed him up to the church & school Quoihir not that he is a very good singer (it was more for the confidents than anything else) and beavers & cubs. This well intentioned act of parenting did work at first but Inevitably the same old problems occurred and now in middle school these things have only added to David's misery some thing that has become obvious to the latest batch off bully's and has led to him being christen grizzly grizzwaulled and has been pick up by the rest of the school. This has led to David removing him self further from social interaction with the rest of student body as much as possible instead choosing to stay behind and help the teachers after classes since his Christian upbringing has tort him to be kind, helpful, polity & respectful off others even if they don't respect you and since the teachers are about the only people who show him eney respect he prefers there company over that of his fellow student this attitude has led to him being labelled a bit of a brown nose and a teachers pet which isolates him from the other students but this was not such a bad thigh since it stopped the more spineless bully's from picking on him for fear of being dobed in to teachers. The only other good thing from helping the teachers is he gets good school reports from most off the teachers (except P.E. which is his weakest subject).

 His only real escape from the bully's is the schools library that he spends most of his free time there. He'll read about anything just to keep out off the way but his favourite book to read are natural history, fiction, sci-fi and fantasy which he doesn't get to read very much (his parents aren't overly strict with what they can & can not read but they do try to steer them away from fantasy more than anything ells and natures all right as long as they know god had a part in it) because of all this time spent in the library he has a good general knowledge and has been doing well in all his studies which adds to the good reports which keep both his teachers and his parent from interfering in his live.


He has recently started a tentertith friendship with a fellow trubuled student jashon(luke's character) who saved David from a farther nasty bully attack since that incident they have kind of been hanging around together. This is strange for David as he is yousherly easily intimidated by other students especially if they are bigger or aparer older than him (and this student is Quit big). Even though David is thankful for being saved and has found that they share some commen interests in sci-fi and fiction so jason havs started swoping and lending books. David is wourey of getting to close for 2 reasons. 1st he knows that part of him think that he is only hanging with this person because of the protection (everyone else seems to be scarred of him for some reason) he get from being with him and doesn't want to be seen as like the false friend's he had to put up with in 1st school as he knows how it feels to be betrayed so He would rather be a true Friend or not at all. 2nd David also Knows this person as one of his former tormenters from 1st school thou this scares him a bit the christen side of him knows he should forgive him but the distrust from years of torment means he can't bring himself to fully trust him plus he cant helping thinking that in some way this is divine retribution now that bully has become bulled. But at the same time he feels sorry for him and wants to find out what has happened to him to tern him in to a shell of his former self and help him. His compassion out ways his need for revenge.


 Davey's dad jhon is origenley from australier (hense the odd last name which is a good strounge auze name as fare as his dad is conserned) the son of a sheep farmer from darin who have been sheep farmers for generashions  but jhon ‘s dad knoere he coud do betar  and put mone by to shend him to citey school and incureged him to pushed himself to get the most out of the opertunertys off a good educashon.            


david Grizzwaulled

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