Into The Darkness Where The Primordial Was Broken

Will's Diary, Entry #8

Sometimes I think we’re cursed. Hell, they call us the Forsaken and our pack certainly lives up to the name, we’re constantly screwing up in some way or another.

We’ve got a new wolf sniffing around. Calls himself Tai. He’s an old guy, 30 something. Some kind of Indian or something, native like.

I don’t trust him yet, but hell, we could use all the help we can get, things have hit the fan once again.

Hamworthy seems to be the clusterfuck capital of the world. Mages, demons, Pure, vamps they all seem to be after us and half the fucking pack stands around waving neon ‘come here and bugger us senseless’ signs above their heads. The first mess was Manny screwing up in that warehouse. Next was mages, then we ended up in a deal with them. At least their mostly dead now, another story in and of itself.

Balehounds, another problem we need to deal with. Got into a fight near the loci where they were kicking some mages asses (the now dead ones we dealt with before). Thing didn’t go great, they were stronger than us and we didn’t all go into battle, fearing there might be more of them wanting to screw over our loci. I got a shotgun of fire spirits and silver for my trouble and Elly, the stupid cow, howled for help and what did it get us? Bloody Pure, Falling Leaf’s pack.

Things went about as well as could be expected. Elly decided to try and get up in his face when I was down on the ground, suffering not only from shotgun shells but the bullets from the uzis Falling Leaf and co spread around to finish everything else off. He just nutted her senseless and her stupid postering only made us look even weaker. At least it didn’t provoke him to kill us, he could have done it easily.

He’s been letting us know he knows just where we are, the graffiti on Tai’s van is a testament to that.

There is some kind of crazy ass shit going down in the Moor as well, the ol’ chav-touched territory. Mage blokes say they have some kinda crystal bird skull that has some ties to a dead god or something like that. Fucking magic. Chav and their vamp buddies are fucking around with it, caused a massive wound in the sky. No idea how to close it. Thought about going up there but haven’t got a way to and don’t really know how anyhow. Have to find the cause and silence it but still have this last balehound bastard to take care of.

When things were going crazy with the wound, all the spirits disappeared, seemed like wherever they went they liked it, got themselves pumped up on essence. We tried going towards the Moor in the Other, but came across some kind of fence we had to climb over. Things went weird when we did. It was like we were back in time, back as kids being attacked by pigs again when we snuck through that farm. Jase decided to try and stand up to them and got himself gored for the trouble, the dumbass. When we all escaped it was suddenly all back to normal. Weird as hell. Raven didn’t have a clue about what was going on. We even saw some wolf-spirit abominations, tough and nasty things sniffing around. We stayed well clear. Things aren’t looking great.

Anyhow, now we’re planning on taking on the balehound. Tai seems to be on the ball and was talking about kitting ourselves up with weapons. Brought some hatchets, razor wire and other stuff. Was going to make some napalm but things went to hell again.

I’ve said it before, but it seems they still don’t listen. After Manny’s little accident at the carpet warehouse, no-one travels alone. What did Elly do? Went by herself to go find me some waterproof tarp. I nearly burst a gasket when I heard the roar of a death rage in the distance. Stupid cow killed someone after getting in a fight all on her lonesome. I’m the youngest here, but sometimes I feel like I’m surrounded by fucking toddlers. At least she didn’t forget the eyes or the tarp.

Well, gonna march her the hell off to raven to make her offering and then have a stern talk with her.

Then we can look at kicking the balehound’s ass the hell out of our town.



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