Into The Darkness Where The Primordial Was Broken

Manny's diary 10

Well today's escapade was somthing of a bad nightmare. 

We were heading out towards the disturbance of the spirits. We just got over a huge chain-link fence. But then suddenly I find myself 12 years old again and a herd of pigs heading straight for me! So I clambered back over as fast as i could. Apparently Will, Jason and Grizzy saw the same. Grizzy and Will got out of there ok. But Jason wasn't so lucky, and was gored by one of the pigs. But once we got on the other side of the fence again… the pigs were gone. And according to Ellie… there were no pigs, just some strange spirits. This whole spirit world is insane if things like that can happen!

Anyway we managed to get back to the loci. When we did, we found the Raven That Sees All waiting for us. Apparently wherever he had been he felt more 'sated' now. Whatever this thing is, it seems to recharge spirits. Man this gets weirder by the minute…



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