Into The Darkness Where The Primordial Was Broken

Manny's diary 09

Things have an interesting way of changing for the better when you least expect it.

Last night on our way back from the Loci, Ellie pointed out that the shutter to our warehouse was ajar. Not good. What's more what had gotten in was still in there as a fire was lit in the drum when we came in. Jason and I crept upstairs to the meditation pad in the old office to corner this intruder. I called upon my gift of Shadow Flesh to sneak up on them. We found a native-american sat in deep meditation. So, we ushered him out into the main area of the warehouse (he didn't resist).

On cross-examination of this individual we found our his name was Tai, and although he was werewolf from his scent, he was a Ghostwolf (tribeless) and had no idea about what he had become. So we all agreed to take him to the Loci and introduce him to the Raven That Knows All. On the way the area around Woodpecker Drive was still pretty hot from the pack bust-up. So we all took to wolf form to slip by to the Loci. Tai picked up shifting and Side-stepping quite quickly with some tuition from Jason and Grizzy.

The Raven That Knows All explained to Tai that the best way to join us fully was to perform a deed for us (makes a change as normally we are the ones proving ourselves). We concluded on that note and headed back for rest. I filled in the details of my discovery on the heath with the last Balehound.

When we got back to base, Grizzy set about some more healing for Ellie and Will. Turns out Tai knows native medicine himself. The plot thickens.

When we got up we set off back to the Loci to ask further instruction on how to deal with the Balehound (he's in strong league with the Fire Spirits) and a strange storm that Ellie spotted in the sky. But when we got there, the Raven That Knows All was gone. As were the neighbouring spirits that drift around in the spirit realm! When we looked up, the storm was more dense and the normally overcast sky was dark. Stretching beyond the Loci it was barren of any spirits at all…

Will suggested we visit the mages nearby (much to my reluctance). In the spirit realm the house seemed more solid somehow, like it was more real here than in the normal world. In any case we saw a mage. Well one of the underling mages by the sounds of it. According to him it was down to an artifact, a crystal bird skull the size of a man's skull. This thing as a side effect was causing the spirits to displace. Although its main use apparently was to raise the dead to some degree. Before leaving the mage produced a strange device, like a seed pod. With it he healed Will and I (at last those deep burning wounds have gone!!). 

So now we are left to deal with whatever is causing this. I just hope we'll survive it… 



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