Into The Darkness Where The Primordial Was Broken

Manny's diary 08

Well today was a real mess-up. Where to begin…

It all started with visiting the Raven that Sees All. Whom I might add was actually in a better mood than I've seen him in a while. I guess we've been doing better recently. The spirit had instructed us to seek out and 'deal' with the Balehounds. They were heading towards our territory. Ellie, Will and Jason were going to head them off. Grizzy and I were left to stay by the loci.

It all seemed quiet when I heard something in the distance. First a couple of howls, then… a blood curdling howl. As if that wasn't enough. Then I heard the howling of wolves… and the roar of motorcycles! It could mean only one thing. The pack that killed my father! We had to warn the others I grabbed Grizzy and headed for the others. Then they came rushing round the corner. 6 guys came round the corner on motorcycles. At their head, a man with a shaved head and long biker beard. Though the looks were different, I knew who it was. Falling Leaf. That bastard murderer!

Just as we got there we saw the devastation. Will was going batshit crazy (so thats what it looks like from the outside…). Ellie was fending off a Balehound, and Jason. Well I couldn't see where he was. I told Ellie we were "In deep trouble". But before we could head for cover the riders pulled off a drive-by. We hit the deck, but the Balehounds were not so lucky. 

The next thing I knew we were surrounded by the pack… the Ivory Claws. As before Falling Leaf descended among us. He was blunt and very much to the point. That he was mistaken for letting us live that day, and that we should watch our backs. Ellie stood upto him, only for the arsehole to smash her in the face. He'll regret that. Mark my words he will regret that!

We got Will and Ellie back to the loci. It was nighttime by then. So I had to excuse myself and make for the quarry to present my ban gifts for the Fire spirits. As I came round through the Old Roman road, I came upon a solumn spectacle. A Balehound that managed to get away. Their alpha I think, dressed in some shamanic attire. There were stag horns growing from his forehead. He was watching over a funeral pyre of his whole pack. Kinda puts a lump in your throat to look at it, bad guys or not. I'm still not in much shape even with Grizzy's healing herbs. So I left this guy to it. I had business that needed to be done. 

So I come now to where I am meditating. Staring into the flames. They are getting easier to light up now. I must be making progress. Oh god I hope I am making progress! But now we are stuck in a terrible rhutt. The Ivory Claws are active again. The Balehounds me be on the decline but the Ivory Claws are going to on our heels from now on I just know it! I need to become stronger. Oh Fire spirits I need strength. Strength like the day you aided us against the Rathost. I would just about anything, anything if I could just be granted the power to destroy that bastard Falling Leaf. Oh how I would burn him in your honour!! 

Oh Ellie. I promise. I promise somehow I will find a way to avenge you. To avenge all of us for what Falling Leaf had done to our lives. And father… I hated you in life. But only because I didn't fully understand. But now I do, I want vengance for you. I swear I will. I just need to find a way…



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