Into The Darkness Where The Primordial Was Broken

Manny's diary 06

I just got back with the others from a near escape! As of now I'm keeping myself to myself til things calm down. 


It all started when Will and I discovered this mage poking around the estate. He was a fast son of a bitch I'll give him that! We chased him around to find out what he knows about recent events with John's sister (she's gone but we have no idea where). He had a freakish cloak on with animal faces on it. From what I have gathered he has some surgical skill, as we found a dog dead, with its face removed… cleanly cut. That in itself was annoying. But that wasn't the worst of it. On later tracking of the mage we traced him to a nearby warehouse undercover working with matting and such. I snuck in under shadow so as not to be seen. Upon finding him he somehow noticed me through my veil (damn he's good). I'd thought I'd do the smart thing for a change and apply the Know Name power we inherited from The Crow That Sees All.

What a mistake that was… how can I begin to describe? It was like a tidal wave of names all at once. The voices… it was too much. I… I just couldn't stop it. My mind was just on fire! It then went all black….

I woke up in a hospital bed under guard (which I found strange, unless I had been arrested) I was beat up pretty bad. I couldn't stay though. I had to get back to the others somehow. So I leapt out of bed and changed to my big wolf form and tried to catch him off-guard and escape. It worked at first, he went all doolaley at the sight of me ad I got a bit of the way down the corridor. Then I felt a shot and went other, must have been a tranquilizer (kinda extreme but then I guess they don't have wolves in hospitals hehe).  

I came around a bit later to find I had been restrained this time. And to find this guy looming over me. He thought he knew what I really was. I tried to put him off the idea by telling him that the idea was crazy (well to anyone else and until now to me it would be crazy). But he was having none of it. I was then put under again.

I came around again, but this time he wasn't in the talking mood. I was getting shocks. I went to almost blackout point again but something in these restraints was holding me back. So instead of the angry blackout like at the estate, I just went under again.

I came around again… but just a guard this time. Still restrained (surprise surprise!). Next thing I know I am hearing banging noises from downstairs. They went away after a while. But then came a huge crash and the guard darted out and I overheard some weird chanting over his com-thing (great… they're all fucking mages!) and he dashed off with a silvery longsword… not good! I hear more noise coming from the corridor… wolf howling… they've come for me at last!! But then a huge scream of something … otherworldly called out and the ceiling came through!. Next thing I know water is trickling somewhere. But my restraints slacked a little. I tried to shift into wolf form… It worked!! Thank God!! I wriggled out as I was small enough in that form and bounded out. But now I had a new problem, a mountain of rubble I had to clamber… and the hospital was starting to give way as water was rushing faster from underneath!. So I switched upto wolfman form and started climbing. It took a while but I managed to get out. I scrambed down to the car park… to find Grizzy's van as a wreck! But I met up with the others (and got some trousers on…) and we legged it outta there, just as the marines were coming in to chase after … whatever that thing was in the corridor.

Getting back the others filled me in on what happened. Apparently I went nuts and raged in my full Werewolf form and started killing people! And its been a few days now… nearly a week and I have pissed off the Fire spirits because I had not made bonfires in my time away (being unconscious and captured has a way of messing up deadlines). 

To sum it all up in a nutshell:

* The Tribe is pissed off

* Grizzy's van is a wreck

* Fire spirits are at odds with us

So my work is definitely cut out for me. First things first I did when I got back was make the bonfires from rubbish in the skips. It took 4 hours to light. Its gonna be a long road to recovery…



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