Into The Darkness Where The Primordial Was Broken

Manny's diary 05

Well, I've really blown it this time… 

Ok this is what happened, we were making amens with The Crow That Sees All. Yep we pissed it off already! Apparently Jason had a bad run in with some Firetouched (a local rival pack) in order to find and bring back John (who's apparently defected). Only he forgot the eyes of a guy he killed so now that spirit is upset.

Anyway, the spirit gave us a chance to fix things. We were to find and destroy… a Rat Host. Supposedly this Rat host is eating through to the spirit realm and causing chaos. So we gotta kill it. We headed out to the heath land to a local camp site, as this Rat Host. Well we found it. But here is the part where it gets really creepy… it was inside a man at the camp. God it was disgusting! This guy was falling apart like some leper. Looking into the Gauntlet only made it worse. He was full of the little black bastards. We waited til the other campers were away in the tent, then we tried to corner the Host-guy. After that it started to get messy, we knocked the guy into the fire… unfortunately we were spotted. Then somewho the host got out of the fire and things started to catch alight. We chased the guy, leaving the place to go up. Not my first choice but we had to stop the Rat Host. The Rat Host was eventually cornered again, but this time it burst open and the rats got everywhere. Those little bastards bite hard! It was an all-over panic. Luckily I was informed to some Fire spirits nearby. So I struck a bargin with them. But in my panic I bound it with the a phrase that I later regret.

"Burn everything but not me. I shall make 3 bonfires to you ever night in exchange". At the time it worked and the host was destroyed. But as a result I had set myself up for a difficult time ahead. 



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